About Tree Earrings


Tree earring bird feeders are hand crafted artworks made here in New Zealand.

These practical , graceful and light hearted bird feeders are beautiful artworks for any setting, from  urban courtyards and terraces to large country gardens.

New Zealand birds love feeding from the tree earrings.  You simply fill the feeders with fruit, nectar or fat balls and the birds will come back again and again.

Spend some quiet time watching the birds feeding, it simply makes you happy with your place in the world.

Tree earring bird feeders make a perfect present for older friends and distant family. 

Tree earrings are individually hand crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials. They can be hung anywhere from tree branches to balconies.



Tree earring bird feeders are inspired by the landscape and the bird life of my garden in Akatarawa Valley just north of Wellington.

The shapes and colours come from the beautiful New Zealand bush and river
I see everyday.

I’m very lucky, from my home studio I see grey warblers, silvereyes, sparrows and fantails flitting about. Chaffinches and blackbirds forage in the leaf litter and kereru, tui and bellbirds feed in the rata ,even the cuckoos show up in the summer I love watching the birds and hearing them around the garden.

I know it  enhances my day, and it’s a gift we can all share by hanging a tree earring in one of the special spaces around our homes where we spend so much of our leisure time.

It’s a simple thing and it makes you happy.

Birds can always do with a helping hand to find food, especially in winter.

Encourage the precious bird life to your garden with these beautiful tree earrings.

All the tree earrings are tested by the birds in my garden

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